Grill is the latest furniture design from Zeren Saglamer. It is a beautiful combination of line, shape and form, in a half solid, half hollow visual that combines a cage like structure with a solid surface. The solid surface is available in either Carrara marble, teak, or walnut and is combined with a black metal frame that doubles as a hanging rack for reading materials. The look of the piece is stunning especially when seen against a white or solid color surface with the grid creating optically vibrating field that is in juxtaposition to the calm of the solid surface. Based in Istanbul, Salamer  has a background in industrial design as well as fine art. She is the head of XS Design studio who specialize in furniture, industrial design, lighting and interiors.

If you want it and you have $1300.00 to spare,  Grill is available through Selectivism.




Havana Lamps.

Jonathan Adler has a knack for creating designs that feel fresh, yet are heavily rooted in classic mid-century modern aesthetics. The Havana lamp is no exception to the rule. When I first saw this I thought about the pendant lamps, and table top lamps that my parents had in our house growing up in the 60’s. Our lamps were 1960’s avocado green with white interiors, but the basic shape and stands were very similar. Adler has taken that classic mid century design and updated it with modern materials, and a laser cut pattern to give these lamps a fresh yet familiar look for manufacturer Robert Abbey. One of the things that is so appealing to me about this series of lamps is the feeling of familiarity, combined with materials that give it a fresh new look.







Territory Studio’s UI Design for Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the world of film production and CG effects, there is a separate world  of motion designers that craft user interfaces for on screen displays. They are a unique group of individuals that craft high-tech, or LoFi looks for the film industry from scratch. What they uild has to be unique, creative, convincing, and blend with the overall look and feel of the film. In many ways, these teams are creating another character for the actors to interact with. When it’s done right, it can be absolutely mesmerizing. This work is complex, involved, highly detailed, and time consuming to produce.

For Guardians of the Galaxy, Territory Studios produced a multitude of screens for the entire movie. They developed everything from dancing particle systems, to unique type faces that are used in the on-screen displays. Below is a sampling of some of the unique UI systems they created, along with a show reel of the total. The link above takes you to Territories site, where there are a number of still frames that really highlight the quality of the work they did for this movie.

“Feel The Reel” with Real-Time Emotional Response.

I love it when a group pushes technology to create something new and exciting. Case in point, Satchi and Satchi’s new directors showcase at Cannes this year. Using wristbands with biometric sensors embedded in them, they were able to capture emotional responses to work being shown in real-time. The data that was being collected was displayed on a secondary screen in the theater as a real-time visualization of the audiences emotional response to what they were watching. This allowed the audience to see how others were responding in relation to themselves as well. It’s a great little experiment, and one that I could see being applied to study groups to gauge a more realistic emotional response content, product, ui/ux design etc.


Skateboard Time Collapse.

Heres a bend your noodle little video to start your week off right. This was shot on a Nokia Lumia 930 by Cy Kuckenbaker, and features skateboarder Cory Juneau. This is a total of takes that have been composited together to create a seven scene video. The timelapse footage features no CG work and is absolutely mesmerizing. This is all part of a promotional channel for Microsoft to show off the capabilities of the camera in the smartphone and frankly I think it’s a winner.

<p><a href=”″>Skateboarding Time Collapse: Shot with the Lumia 930</a> from <a href=””>Microsoft</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Le Duo – Ideat

French design and illustration team Le Duo has posted some really nice work on their site that was done for the magazine Ideat. The works feature iconic furniture and architecture, rendered in a clean minimalist style with bright color pallets. Very cool stuff, that sizes right for your smartphone screen if you are so inclined.







100 Years of Tivoli.

What a really nice blend of 3D animation and 2D styling with a retro feel to it. Frame has created a really nice little animated piece for Tivoli’s 100th anniversary. I really love the look and feel of it. From the summery pastel colors, to the hypnotic kaleidoscope patterns, it’s just a fun visual celebration of the brand. Enjoy.