Venice in 4k

Every time I turn around I’m seeing a visually impressive video that was shot on a small consumer grade camera. The video below was shot on the Panasonic LUMIX LX100 in 4k. It looks pretty amazing, and it sounds like the only post work was usin Premiers Warp Stabilizer on the hand held shots. This camera is small enough to be pocketable, has interchangeable lenses, and delivers some seriously high quality 4k video. Otabek Djuraev’s short film makes me want go back to Italy today and take the LX100 as my travel camera. Since the LUMIX accepts all of my Olympus 4/3 mount lenses, this might be a serious contender as a second camera for travel.

Antenna 3 Christmas

Attention to detail, intricate layers of content, fun, and masterfully crafted are ways to describe the video below. Produced by Buenos Aires based LUMBRE for Spain’s Antenna 3, this festive 30 second spot is one of my faves for the season. It has such a great look and feel, and the timing is so fluid. This is one of my new faves for the season.

15 Digital Trends for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 rapidly approaches people are beginning to look at trends for the upcoming year. Below is an infographic from Bell Pottinger that predicts 15 digital trends for 2015. The infographic is marketing focused, but has some really interesting facts in it that will ultimately impact everyone whether you work in marketing and advertising or not. Things that jumped out at me were “Blog posts with visuals drive 180% more engagement on your site”, “NFC saw a 358% increase in use over the 2014 year”, and “Businesses with Blogs increased by 41% with the blog generating 67% more site traffic per month”.

Bell Pottinger Digital - 15 trends for 2015 infographic

Outer Space Portrayed in the Movies.

Since the dawn of civilization humans have always had a fascination with space. From that point where we first looked up at the night sky and pondered the stars and the vastness of the night sky, through today where we still explore the heavens. One of the more interesting takes on our fascination with the heavens and space is how it has been portrayed in film, especially in the last 50 years. As special effects have progressed from the ground breaking2001: A Space Odyssey”, to today’s blockbuster “Interstellar” the portrayal of space in film is one of amazing visuals and fantasies drawn out of human experience and imagination. The video below is wonderful edit of just how space has been portrayed in the movies. At almost 4 minutes in length it’s worth watching. Now can you name all of the movies referenced here?

COMODO Christmas Zoetrope Idents for TVE.

Tis the season, and Barcelona’s COMODO has produced a series of indents forSpanish broadcasting network TVE. The spots use a zoetrope to crete the animations. Each piece was built from scratch over a two month period of time with lots of trial and error to get things just right. The result is a series of fun holiday themed indents featuring Christmas, New Years Eve, and the Three Kings. Below are the final results and a making of video that is light on technical details but fun to watch just the same.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over Lazy Mice, and some ants.

A couple of weeks back FontFont and Stark Films pushed out the video below to Vimeo to promote the launch of Web FontFonts with OpenType features.

“Mice, ants, and the lazy dog.” is a fun little spot that features muted color pallets, forced perspective, optical illusions, Mice, ants, and nice little soundtrack. While the film doesn’t directly communicate any information about the new OpenType features, it does keep you visually interested, allowing the copy below the video to sell, and hopefully get you to click through. Using video, FontFont and Stark Films have tried to reimagine the new feature set in a stylized and ingenious ways. Whether you click through or not, it’s a fun little film to watch.

The Juggernaut, “Generations”.

The two videos below from the Juggernaut show the finished work the Toronto based group produced for Kettle One, along with the making of video. While the making of is short on details thanks to no narrative, the film does show how they put this together. The result is an interesting blend of old school pen and ink work, letter press, CNC routing, green screen work compositing, and footage shot on a drone. It’s a nice blend of old school and new school art and animation techniques. I can’t imagine the time it took to put this together, and how much pre-visualization had to go into it. Really nice work.