Ozone from David D’Imperio.

One of the things I love about technology is how it is helping designers realize and manufacture products that would have been difficult or costly to make just a few years ago. A great example of this is a new lamp from designer David D’Imperio.

Ozone features a stainless steel cluster of discs that are affixed to an aluminum interior structure. The lighting fixture feels airy and weightless, thanks to the manufacturing process, choice of materials and the tight tolerances within the build process. Thanks to the design and manufacturing process, this lamp is available at 6 feet in length or at 50 inches. Even thought the lamp is in many ways huge, the stainless steel canopy is visually very light.

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Ozone Measures approximately 72″ long x 10″H high x 5″ wide or 50″ long x 8″H high x 5″ wide. Power can be connected off-center at multiple points along its length. Suspended on either end via adjustable cables.


Let There Be Light.

English designer Andrew Mitchell has created a new pendant lamp that is simple, elegant, and characterizes the iconic shape of the light bulb itself. “No 2″ is a clear blown glass pendant suspended from a thin cord that attaches to the glass with metal wires.

The wires mirror the traditional filament used in an incandescent bulb, and the attachment to the cord feels like a vintage bulb socket. None of this however takes away from the lamps main purpose which is to celebrate the light itself. Your attention is drawn inside the glass sphere to the bulb, where it takes center stage.

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Jake Dyson’s CSYS Lamp, Provides Stylish Light for 37 Years.

Here it is the day after Christmas, and if you are like many people you have a bunch of gifts you want to exchange. Maybe if you are lucky, you don’t have any gifts to exchange, but your pockets are full of Christmas bounty in the form of cash that you can use to buy yourself something nice.

I don’t have a pocket full of cash, but if I did I’d be tempted to buy Jake Dyson’s CSYS lamp. It is a thing of precision beauty, and while it might cost you around $800.00, the light bulbs last for 37 years so you get to make up some of your cash outlay over time.

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The CSYS LED task light is a dimmable LED task light which combines the latest LED technology with sleek precision design.

CSYS is designed with innovative positioning, refined thermal management and electronics systems which produces a bright warm white color with low electrical draw. CSYS comes with a thermal management heat pipe which cools the LED’s to ensure extend performance from the LED’s for 37+ years.

The lamp has such a wonderful look to it. Clean industrial lines, combined with quality materials. I love it.

The Pteleobius Lamp.

I’m not a huge fan of combining raw materials with polished chrome or steel. The juxtaposition seems forced most of the time, so when I come across something that works I usually get pretty excited.

Working with raw logs, and insects known as Pteleobius, designer Maxim Vaslyaev has created a lamp named after said bugs. The insects eat the bark off of the wood leaving exotic abstract patterns etched into the hardwood below. To highlight the patterns created Vaslyaev has accented the log with a fluorescent lamp suspended on steel poles above the surface. The luminare is housed in a polished chrome housing that contrasts the organic feel of the etched wood below. The lamp has a really nice feel to it balancing made made and raw natural materials, with the random patterns created by the insects.

Materials Elm Log, and Chromed Steel tube, Fluorescent Lamp, and Insect Larva.

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