It’s Official, The Move is Complete.

Back around the first of June the opportunity to purchase a Modern home designed by Studio 804 came up, and after 10 years of living in an amazing house in the Union Hill neighborhood I decided it was time to move. This blog is going to be a 1 year documentary of living in the new house and the change from living in a very urban environment to a semi urban environment. The reason I say “semi”, is because the location of the new house is just over 2 miles west of the previous one. And it is less than half a mile from the 39th street corridor.

We took possession on Monday, and have been in the home since Tuesday, unpacking, touching up paint, arranging things, getting the cable turned on, and all the other crap that comes with moving. This has been a long long week and I am so glad it’s Friday, although that means I’ll be mowing my own lawn for the first time in 10 years.

While the focus of this blog is primarily focused on the house and the experience of living here, I am also going to talk about other things. I want to be sure and include the neighborhood, restaurant reviews, design items, home products, and any other related items. Look for daily posts.

If you read the test posts from earlier. I did buy the Worx Mower. First run is tomorrow. The Noguchi Table has been ordered, and I am looking into what chairs to get to go with it.

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