The First Week in the New House

Light from the sky lights, on the hallway walls.

Light from the sky lights, on the hallway walls.

It’s been one week since the move to the new house. We are settled in and things are looking good. I have completely unpacked, the house is set up, the art is hung, and the dog has finally adjusted (Well sort of. About the time he relaxed we brought home a lost dog and he got all freaky again.) Anyway here are some quick observations about living in the new hood and the new house.

1. Most of the neighbors are great, especially Hugo and Sarah and their kids. The other neighbors are pretty quiet and unseen except for the frat boys renting the house at the end of the block. (Can you say party? I knew you could.)

2. There is a man with a mental illness that keeps coming to my door and telling me that he used to live in my house. He has a key and tries to unlock my door. Slightly disturbing. Time to call Brinks for an alarm installation.

3. The rain and thunderstorms that rolled through over the last few days sound amazing in the house. The flat roof and the sky lights amplify the sound of the rain and it just sounds awesome when you are sitting in the living room.

4. Being surrounded by trees and a ½ acre lot of wild grass is pretty cool. When the wind is blowing the sound and the view are really cool.

5. Mowing about a half an acre of yard is going to either kill me, or get me whipped into pretty solid shape. Either way, it’s some hard pushing. Even on the flat plain of grass.

6. The lights in the house are really bright white. I need to replace them with warm tone CF lights.

7. I have decided that the detached garage looks really nice, but I wish it were connected in some way. I discovered this while opening the garage door in the rain this morning. Maybe I should get an opener to keep in the house so I can open the door before I go outside.

8. I saw deer in my backyard on the 3rd day of being in the new home. Never saw that in Union Hill.

9. It takes 10 minutes longer to get to work, and it takes 10 minutes less to get to the freeway from the new house. I kind of like both things. This slows me down on the way in to work in the morning, and I have less lights to wait through when getting on the freeway. Both things are good.

10. I miss my old neighbors. After 10 years in the same place, there is a certain comfort level that you establish with your neighbors. Especially the ones that have been there the same amount of time as you. I’m sure we’ll get the same thing in time with the new house, but right now I miss the neighbors a bit. One good thing though, Brock and Eva have been over with their dog Neo several times since we moved, so we still have a connection to the old hood.