Why I like to buy direct.

I need to get a new mailbox for the house. The current one is a standard arch top mailbox like you get at Home Depot for 20 bucks and it just doesn’t go with the house at all. So I started looking for contemporary mailboxes and a google search sent me to Design Within Reach. Now I want to say this up front, I have bought many things from DWR, but they can be a complete rip off on many items. Especially things that are not price controlled like Herman Miller and Knoll furniture. Here is a prime example.

The mailbox they carry is 400 bucks. http://www.dwr.com/product/premier-mailbox.do?keyword=mailbox&sortby=ourPicks Pretty nice looking don’t you think? I do but I’m saying to myself 400 bucks for a mailbox? Something smells here. So I go back to Google and see what other results come up. Low and behold, look what I found. http://www.letterboxes.co.nz/18-Comparto.100.0.html?no_cache=1&change_zone=2 So how much is this?  Lets see. USD $174.85 plus 80 bucks shipping. That means that DWR has a 146 dollar mar up on this item.This is why I always look a little more and see what I can find.

Now after looking through the site of Kiwi made mailboxes I actually decided on this one. http://www.letterboxes.co.nz/12-Contempo.100.0.html?no_cache=1 I like the red zincalum front on it. Nice contrast and such with the house. Red-Box