The miniature art of Slinkachu.

ground-zeroSlinkachu has created street installations that have included miniature dear grazing alongside cigarette buts, a man standing by a cash machine and a tiny woman using a post box, positioned next to the real thing.

These are made by modifying and painting figurines made for model train sets before installing them in streets and parks, where he photographs the scene and leaves the characters behind.

Slinkachu has taken street art to a new scale, painstakingly hand-painting tiny characters that live in a world that’s too small for us to always notice beneath our feet. His street installations are constructed in all sorts of public spaces, the portrayal of little lives that mirror our own. His works in miniature open up the city landscapes in unexpected ways where he literally brings you down to a new level. His show Ground Zero is both street art installations and photography. The two go hand in hand with the subsequent photograph uncovering the hidden world he has created.

His miniature installations depict the little fears and anxieties of city life and the general feeling of being alone or insignificant in a large city. While the photographs capture a record of the loneliness and melancholy of urban life that he has created beneath our unsuspecting feet. There is always an underlying sense of humour and feeling of empathy in his works. The photographs are engaging and wonderful in their own right.

Take a look at his art here.