Worx Electric Lawn Mower Review Part 2.

Worx 19 inch cordless mowerWell I have now mowed my lawn a total of 3 times with the Worx 19 inch cordless electric mower, and I feel fairly confident in giving a complete review of the mower. Since this is an update, I am simply going to break this down into bulleted items based on observations and facts about my experience with it.

• Weight. The mower is heavy. The battery weighs in at 35 pounds pushing the total weight to about 45 pounds overall. This doesn’t sound like much until you are going up an incline. Then you feel it.

• Battery Life. Well it does it all and then some. I mowed over 16 thousand square feet on a single charge, and finished with almost half the battery left.

• Handle height and adjustment. At 6 foot 4 it would be nice if I could raise the handle about 2 to 3 inches to accommodate my arm length. At the highest point the handle is just a bit low making pushing on anything but flat uncomfortable.

• Bag Capacity. It needs to be about 30 percent larger

• Mulching. Unless you have thin grass, or a small yard, forget it. It does a good job, but it eats the battery for lunch, and it chokes in dense damp grass.

• Mower height adjustment. Super simple and easy. Pull the lever and set the height. Done.

Overall this is my take. The mower has more than enough juice to put away a half acre yard with out issue. But realistically you wouldn’t want to. The mower is heavy and a bit hard to push on rough ground and inclines. If you are over 6 feet tall pushing the mower can be even tougher. It does a great job mowing and the battery life is phenomenal. If I had a smaller yard this would be ideal. I have to say though, according to the pedometer I pushed the mower for almost 5 miles and I was spent by the end of the run.

I recommend this to anyone with a normal yard. The mower is made of superior materials, and the construction is solid. If you are looking to lose the gas engine and go electric, this is a solid mower for you despite the minor issues with weight and handle height.