Should I bring the FrancisFrancis! X5 back home?

francis-francis-x5I have a FrancisFrancis! X5 espresso machine that I got through Illy a few years back. About 8 months ago I brought it to work because I had stopped using it at home. The machine had some issues with the main seal at the drip head, and it was kind of messy to use. Plus the max coffee you could get at any one time was a double espresso. Now this is all fine and dandy if you are making Cappuccinos and such. I replaced it with a Krupps grind and brew maker which is actually a fine coffee maker, but I am missing having an espresso in the morning. As fall approaches I’m seriously thinking about bringing the X5 home from the office. Right now it is sitting in the room with the video editing suite gathering dust. It’s hard to remember to use it when it is 50 yards away in a locked room sitting on a shelf.  So I’m thinking of bringing it to the new house.

First off I think it’ll look smashing sitting on the kitchen island when I have it out. Second, I want to be able to have a fantastic tasting espresso or other coffee drink while sitting on the back deck. Especially on a cool fall morning. Third, while it might be a mess to use at times, it makes the most amazing tasting coffee. It really really does. I know it’s not the fanciest most expensive machine out there. I know it’s not a fully automatic one. But it does brew with pressure and steam which is just a killer way to go. And if I get tired of the mess of fresh ground beans there are always the Illy E.S.E. Espresso Pods.

I love my FrancisFrancis! X5. It’s an amazing little piece of espresso magic, so I think it’s time to bring it home.