Artificial Trees.

shipping-container-530greenAccording to Institution of Mechanical Engineers the fabrication of forests with artificial trees is one of the best strategies to stop climate change. Yet they warn that this is not a silver bullet and should be implemented in addition to current efforts reduce our overall carbon footprint.

According to the British researchers the climate is changing so quickly, that without geo-engineering we will be unable to stop its progression before we reach the critical mass of no turning back. The use of artificial trees is currently number one on their list of recommendations for geo-engineered solutions.

The technology behind the artificial trees, which should filter CO2 from the air, is currently being developed. The first generation prototypes are able to retrieve a thousand times more CO2 from the air than a regular tree.

Each artificial tree is about the size of a shipping container. Above is a picture of an actual prototype that has been developed in the UK. Researchers believe they will be able to mass-produce them soon and expect they will be part of our landscape within ten to twenty years. Lets hope it is ten instead of twenty.