The iPhone Camera and All Those Lovely Applications For It.

City Market Vegetables.

City Market Vegetables.

You know it’s really all about the tools, and how you combine them. Actually that is arguable. It could be said that it’s really all about the content you produce. I tend to agree with the latter on this. I’m a huge proponent of “I don’t care how you make it as long as it looks good and does what it is supposed to do in the end.” With that said, I want to talk about iPhone photo apps. I am always amazed that I can take the crappy little camera on the iPhone, combine it with the right series of applications, and turn out some really solid images. What I have discovered is this; you can’t use just one app. the best result happen when I combine 2 to 4 for the final image. The images below were all shot on my iPhone in various lighting conditions and tweaked with no less than 3 apps, and multiple filters within each one. I think the reason that I am drawn to the way these images look is because they remind me of color versions of early photography and the school of  Pictoralism as pioneered by William Henry Fox Talbot in the 1840’s

Knob Hill SF


Knob Hill

The Mini

Hot Sauce

Ibanez Artcore Guitar

China Town