Sears Outlet and the Nightmare Known as Bosch.

Sears_LogoWhen we moved to the new house the previous owner took the washer and dryer with them. It was understandable they had a Bosch washer and dryer that was less than 2 years old. We however left our Bosch Axxis washer and dryer at the old house for the new owner to use and enjoy. I have to say straight out that I love Bosch products. In the old house our dishwasher and washer/dryer were all Bosch and they were absolutely great.

Now here is the rub. Since we had to buy a new washer and dryer and the debt from moving to the new house was mounting, we decided to save a bit of money. On the advice of a friend we went to the Sears appliance outlet on Front street and purchased a Bosch Nexxt washer and dryer. This was based on product reviews and our previous experience with the Bosch line up. At first everything was fine. The washer and dryer were delivered and installed. Everything worked great, and we were happy. Then the washer decided to become the child of Satan and is now fully possessed by the devil himself. The washer has to be coaxed to turn on and if you do not follow the right procedure it will error out and lock the front door trapping your clothes until it resets itself. This can take up to 36 hours. The procedure for washing clothes and not having the error message pop up is this. Open the door and load the clothes. Close the door. Turn the knob to the correct cycle. Turn the knob to the off position. Open the door, press the door closed indicator switch in and out several times. Close the door. Turn the knob to the correct cycle. wait for the on switch to start blinking and the LED to read “Ready”. Cross your fingers, turn around 3 times clockwise, press the start button. Hope to here a click indicating the door is locked. Pray for no beeping error message.

If the washer errors out, you have to let it run through the drain cycle. turn it off for 30 minutes, then unplug it. Plug it back in and try again. It can take up to 15 attempts to reset the system, and each drain cycle takes 10 minutes to run.

• Now the washer being possessed by the devil is not really Bosch’s fault. It is Sears fault though, and here is why.

• Sears sold the washer as a scratch and dent item, when in reality it had been returned for a faulty motherboard.

• Sears sold us an extended warranty which is only honored by the outlet center and not by any other Sears store.

• Sears will not replace the washer with a new unit, even if we pay the price difference, because the outlet store operates independently from the parent Sears company.

• If we decide to get a new washer we have to return the old dryer to the outlet store, then go to Sears, and buy a new washer and have it delivered.

• We are not allowed to buy a new washer, have Sears deliver it, and haul off the devil’s washer, because the outlet store and Sears are not related. Even though they have the same name, logo, and billing address.

Sears shouldn’t have sold us the item without a full disclosure about the faulty motherboard and an exorcism being preformed at some point. The cost to replace the motherboard is about 800 bucks. Well more than half the cost of the washer itself. Not to mention the cost of the technician coming to the house and the time it will take him to replace it.

What really blows me away is what the first Sears repair man who came to the house told me. He said that he wasn’t even authorized to work on the washer, because the real Sears doesn’t actually carry the specific model I have. When I ask him how did the Sears outlet store get it then, he told me the outlet stores buy up items from other retailers and then resell them, so they have loads of things that Sears really doesn’t carry. Like all the Fischer Paikel stuff that was on display there. He also told me that the outlet store isn’t supposed to sell extended warranties on any product that is not a Sears product. (Craftsman, Kenmore Etc.)

So what is the lesson learned here? The 200 bucks we saved on the washer is not worth the hassle of dealing with Sears Appliance Outlet. I should have bought from the main Sears store or gone to Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Bosch Nexxt Washer and Dryer

Bosch Nexxt Washer and Dryer