Time warner cable, my media center and resolution

UPDATE: When this was posted, I stayed with Time Warner. Within six months I dropped them and went with Direct TV. Why, Because Time Warner Cable’s product continued to fail at every opportunity. I still use TWC for internet service, but I’m dropping it for Google Fiber within the next couple of months. Road Runner has continued to be a huge problem. It never works, It’s slow as hell, and the cost keeps going up. The issue is still the same. To many people in my area trying to use an overloaded cable connection. The main hub is simply overloaded and there isn’t enough bandwidth to our homes. Customer Service has been horrible, and Time Warner has never fully fixed the problem, even after 3 years of service calls.

So Time Warner came clean on Saturday. After sending two technical managers and master techs to my house, they admitted the problem was not the wiring in my house, my HDMI cables, or the line from the street to the house. What was the problem? Time Warner’s main switchers were overloaded to the neighborhood. That’s right the pipeline that feeds cable to the neighborhood couldn’t handle the amount of HD traffic requested. The solution. Time Warner has decided to run a major overhaul on the cable switching station two blocks away that feeds about 300 homes in Rosedale. Am I happy? Yes and no. Happy they admitted it’s their fault and they will fix it. Not happy that for 7 weeks I have had spotty service, and it took a threat to get this resolved. So when AT&T U-Verse with fiber becomes available on my street next year, I’m switching back.

Now for the media cabinet. It is finished and I have re-hung it to the wall after last Saturday’s rush job before the house warming party.

The unit is basically a large thin box with cantilevered glass shelves that hold the cable box and DVD player. All cables and speakers are hidden behind the edges, and there is a slot behind the face that will hold a Mac Mini wired into the whole unit. The media center is painted the same color as the wall so it will blend in and disapear.

Based on the Muro Media cabinet from Design Within Reach, my version including the TV mounting bracket cost less than 200 dollars. The DWR version is 650 plus tax and shipping.