Xeripave, Stabiligrid, and a Workable Driveway Solution


Storm water runoff and control is a large aspect of green building, especially on new construction with LEED certified credits that are provided for reducing impervious cover, increasing on-site filtration, and reducing pollution from storm water runoff.  I’ve found a company that has been  making news with their LEED certified paver system, Xeripave.  This might just be the solution that I have been looking for to replace the driveway Stabiligrid system. The pavers run about 8 dollars a square foot so doing the entire driveway would be a bit cost prohibitive, running us about 5ooo dollars for the whole surface. What Xeripave has suggested is running tire lines down the center of the creating a solid surface for the cars to travel on and allowing the stabiligrid to reside in 3 sections. This helps to maintain the look of the house on the lot, and still offers a very eco-friendly solution.

Xeripave makes permeable pavers in various colors that have a flow through rate of up to 1.5 gallons per second per square foot. These pavers can be used in conjunction with other materials, such as brick and concrete or Stabiligrid.  They come in custom colors and sizes can be landscaped into the existing yard space, Standard sizes are 11.81″ x 11.81″ x 1.97″ or 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 1.97″.

Xeripave Permeable Pavers are safe, non-slip, and strong enough for moderate traffic, low speed areas.  In addition, due to the high permeability rate, I won’t need to cover the entire hardscape with the material.  With this system I would still be able to capture all of the runoff with something like 12-15% coverage, and not significantly alter the exterior look of the home and the lot.