Design Friday.

Foster+Partners designed the Arc Table for the Italian manufacturer Molteni&C.

arc_231009_01Inspired by the semi temporary fabric structures, which are increasingly used in contemporary architectural design, (think Crown Center Ice Skating rink) the base is soft, fluid table. I love the undulating geometry of the intersecting parabolic arcs that are wrapped over the sub-frame. The images of the table remind me of George Nelson Bubble lamps in their simplicity, and how the light plays off of the stretched white fabric.

The base is made of an innovative material of composited  cement and organic fibers, the material is resistant and elastic at the same time. It lends itself very well to complex geometric  structures. The material  is also waterproof, and the pigment dyed base in white and two tones of gray, ensures the color stays color fast throughout its lifespan, and in exposure to direct sunlight. Because of this the base  materials make this a perfect candidate for  outdoor use.

Arc complements its base with a tempered glass top, in sizes of  140 or 150 cm in diameter. The glass comes in both clear and a smoked finish and according to the manufacturer’s website there is a future option for frosted as well. I have to say that I really love the smoked glass option that is shown in the photos though.

Now, what would the perfect chair for this table be? Hmmmm.

arc 2

arc 3

arc 4