Great 404! Clever 404 Error Messsages

Everyone knows that when you navigate to a broken link on a website you will get an internal error message from the server. A 404 error to be exact. Most of the time this is a simple text message that is kicked up in black and white.  By default these messages aren’t that helpful, and most of the time they never get read.

A well designed page however can provide a means to find what they you looking for, or at least re-direct you to a section of the site that might help or point you in the right direction.

These images are great examples of custom 404 pages that actually get the visitor to read them and or help them. Designers and web developers I hope these inspire you. Not all are very informative and some are simply an image with a simple or funny message on them. Each page still goes with the site itself and helps extend the brand experience across this media channel.

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