Design Friday. The Amazing Bird Photography of John&Fish


This really isn’t a “Design Friday” post in the sense that I am posting about a design topic. This is a post about these amazing photographs that were taken by John&Fish, a brother and sister team who live and work in Taipei Taiwan. As you can tell their specialty is in bird photography. I wasn’t able to track down much information about them that was in English, so I can’t really tell you anything about the gear they use or their background. According to the profile section on their Flickr stream, John is elder brother, Fish  is his younger sister, they were born in Tainan the ancient capital of Taiwan , and now live in Taipei city. They like photographing birds and spend almost every weekend (since 2005~2009) shooting in and around Taipei. John gives a limited breakdown of what he shoots with. ( Canon 1dsII body, Canon 500mm/F4, Gitzo 1548 tripod, Manfrotto 516 video fluid head. ) No specs on additional lenses, shutter speeds or f-stops. Although it is pretty obvious that they are shooting at a high frame rate with a really shallow depth of field. None of that really matters, because what is important here is the absolutely gorgeous photography. Click the link to see the entire Flickr stream. I think there are over 500 photos they have posted.