Nice Package. IdeaPaint, and Packaging by “Jones”

With all the talk these days about Internet-enabled collaboration and crowdsourcing as ways to spawn creativity, some times it’s still the simplest solutions that still work best. With that said I wanted to  post something about  IdeaPaint. This product has the ability to transform any flat surface into a dry erase board allowing you and your pals to be inspired the old-fashioned way. With IdeaPaint you’ll never run out of space for jotting down all the good ideas generated during your next brainstorming session.

Now what really drew me to this in the first place was  the packaging. Designed by “Jones“, it features great use of big graphic elements that emphasize the product’s simplicity. 50 square feet. Mix THIS into THAT with the STICK.” It just looks good. Clean, simple, and to the point. Such good design.