Welcome to Vegas

Vacation begins with a shuttle ride to the Bellagio. A shuttle ride that was 45 minutes of hard selling by a representitive from the new Planet Hollywood hotel and Casino. Patty introduced herself as the “Concierge”, and began a tour guide style talk as we drove in from airport. I have to say I thought she worked for executive coach, until the sales pitch began. As we cruised past the Hooters casino, she made all of us introduce ourselves and then promise to go to Hooters for 100 bucks in slot tokens, but only if we mentioned her name and said the special password. “OWL”

This is when the hard selling began. Patty broke out the Planet Hollywood brochure and began peddling show tickets to her captive audience. For 20 minutes in slow moving traffic she tried to push Blue Man tickets on everyone in the bus.

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