Why I love Mini USA. The Schwag Box Arrived,

Today when I looked in the mailbox I was happy to see a large, heavy brown cardboard box from Mini USA. This is why I love the Mini brand, they go above and beyond the call of  duty when it comes to building and maintaining brand loyalty. They do it by sending you schwag. Well designed and thought out schwag at that. While the materials that are used in the free stuff is not always outstanding, the writing, graphic execution, and overall experience is. This is the third package I have received from  them in the last month and a half, and the contents of each has been specifically designed to enhance your ownership experience and develop a unique sense comradery with fellow Mini owners. The images below Illustrate how they connect the car, to the brand, to the ownership experience. Each item is designed to be used with the car, from the stickers that spell out fridge like motoring poetry for you car windows, to the log book, secret message decoder. All of it is designed to extend and build your brand loyalty to Mini. All of this helps to develop the word of mouth evangelism that Mini owners preach to non Mini owners.For less than 10 bucks worth of goods that get sent to each new car buyer, they get thousands of free advertisements that come straight from the customer’s mouth. That is brand smart thinking. I can’t think of another car company that does anything like this, for a mid-level automobile.