It’s All About the Juice

After watching “Food Inc.” for the second time on my flight to Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday, I am trying to be more conscious of the food that I put in my body. For the last 4 months I have been really trying to do the buy local, buy organic, know where this food product came from thing when I go to the store. I have to say for the most part I am doing really pretty well. As in I won’t any chicken that I don’t get from whole foods, and then I am pretty dubious about it. Watch the movie you’ll understand. The same thing can be said about both beef and pork. If you want a good example of the pork issue download and watch the last HBO episode of 2008’s “This American Life” about hog farming in America (Episode 6, Pandora’s Box). Anyway that isn’t what this post is about, but the object I am going to talk about did get me thinking about fresh local food.

What this post is about is the amazing Orange Juice squeezer designed by Jaren Goh. Simple, Efficient, and absolutely beautiful. The squeezer features a hand crank, with a container for the juice at the bottom. I love the clean lines and the humble façade. I also like the fact that it has a small foot print which is ideal for my kitchen.

Orangin easily unfolds itself, opening into a citrus juicer, allowing you to add up to half of a large orange or smaller melon. The design is reminiscent of an old school pencil sharpener with a crank shaft. It is a simple and interesting kitchen machine distilled down to a basic functions, to make juice. Jaren Goh fuses the function and the form into a seamless product that is interesting for the person using the device, and is beautiful to look at. There is a certain level of fun in the elements that encourages making your own juice, through which you see that fresh fruit  is a vital and healthy alternative to what you buy in a box or jug.

This was a red dot design award winner for 2009, and will soon be available on the Yanko Design Store.