Olympus EP1 PEN, Low Light Shooting Test

Over the weekend I did a little experimenting with the EP1 with a low light shooting test. All the shots were set at ISO 300, and shot using natural light coming from just the blue LED’s on the Christmas tree. The camera was set at 1/80th of a second with an aperture of f4.5 for the light and ornament shots, and 1/8th of a second at f4.5 for the overhead shots of the ceiling. The results are a bit on the noisy side, but over all I’m impressed that the sluggish auto focus could actually grab anything in these conditions. I’m also rather impressed with the amount of detail in some of the areas highlighted by the LED’s. I cropped these to 1024 by 768 from the original 4032 by 2272 pixel size to manage the upload to the blog. I’ll try to get the full-sized images out on my Flickr photostream later today.