Time For a New Bed

About 8 years ago, I bought the “Annie” bed frame from Blu Dot furniture. Annie is a wonderful Baltic birch plywood frame with design influences that harken back to Haywood Wakefield designs from the late 40’s and early 50’s. The frame itself has a look that could be viewed as mid-century modern, and at the same time updated to a truly late twentieth century look.

The old bed worked great in the old house. The size and shape fit the room well it looked solid, and anchored the room well. In the new house, it works sort of. The issue that I have is the size of the headboard. Because of the height and width of the headboard there is really only one location that the bed will fit, and that is the East wall away from the windows, and in an area that I would like to use as a sitting room where I can put a small TV or media center.

The solution to the problem is the Case Study V Leg Bed from Modernica. The iconic V-Leg design is influenced by the concepts of California Arts and Architecture Magazine’s Case Study House Program (1949 to 1965). The Case Study project, which concentrated on the Southern California area  oversaw the design of 36 prototype homes, and sought to make available plans for the residences and furnishings that could be easily and inexpensively constructed during the post World War II building boom.

Modernica’s V-Leg Bed like the Annie bed is constructed of 26-layer birch finish grade plywood. Unlike the Annie bed which uses wood slats, the Case Study bed uses a perforated steel mattress support. More importantly though is the overall size of the frame. The headboard on the Annie bed angles up from its base to a full six inches wider than the width of a King Mattress, and the height is a full two inches taller than the base of the windows. The Case Study bed however is a series of straight lines with a maximum height of just 30 inches. Height from the floor is the same, the bed sits low to the ground, and the metal legs visually drop from view helping to create the illusion that the bed floats above the floor.

With an 8 to 12 week manufacture and delivery cycle, I should have the new bed by the end of January. Just in time to start rearranging the walls in the house again, and figure out what to do with the old bed.

Modernica's Case Study V Leg Bed