Miniature Mid Century Modern, and Karen Walker for Resene Paint.

To highlight the new paint line by designer Karen Walker, New Zealand based paint company Resene chose to use miniature modernist architectural models of homes that were hand crafted by sculptor Gidon Bing. Each home was styled and painted by Katie Lockhart and photographed by Mathew Williams in Aukland.

Each house is about 24 by 24 inches in size, and crafted from Baltic Birch plywood. Gidon and Lockharts work took months to complete before it was ready for the photo shoot and it shows.

Gidon Bing working in his studio

The new paint range for Resene follows the best-selling range Karen Walker developed with the company over the course of three years starting in  2001. This time, Walker wanted the range to have a different feel. “I was searching for a worn sort of mood,” she says. “I like colors that have a muted, burnished sort of quality, as if they were thoughtfully painted on walls decades ago and have faded to perfection in the following years.”