Michael Paukner’s Amazing Info-Graphics.

I have always been an info-graphics junkie. I used to study them in the encyclopedia as a kid, and I think that is why I am drawn to Michael Paukner’s work. Stylistically there is so much that reminds me of the info-graphics that I used to see in the “World Book Encyclopedia” when I was growing up.

Looking through his Flickr stream tends to Paukner’s work focus on many scientific themes such as space exploration, Astronomy, History, and “Junk Science” like conspiracy theories, numerology, and the zodiac.

The work is really well done, with solid visualizations of what he is trying to convey. Great color pallets, and layouts, and a really nice understanding of typography. When you look at “The Death Ray”, Paukner nails the 1930’s type style, and illustration.

This is just a small sample of his work. Be sure and check out his Flickr stream here, and read the descriptions below the images on his stream.