Sketchpad, The HTML 5 Paint Application. No Plugins Required

With Apple’s big endorsement of HTML 5, the world is proclaiming it a Flash killer. I hate to say not so fast, but seriously folks, not so fast. The fact is the W3C isn’t even set to approve the spec for a while, and even when they do, mandated browser support will take at least 18 months.

In the mean time, take a look at this. An HTML 5, Flash Free, drawing and painting application that shows tons of potential. Here we have an application that could make the iPad useful to us visual designers. Especially if like my you use applications for the iPhone-like, Brushes, and SketchBook. And if a third-party developer had a stylus that worked with the iPad…

Anyway check this out. Sketchpad, the online paint program from the folks at MugTug. And yes I painted this last night on my iMac with a Wacom tablet at home with this application.



    1. Usually only guys named Tim, or guys with mustaches. I’m not sure what happened with this example.

    1. Yeah Joey, they look promising. I just wish the tip was smaller like what you get on a Wacom stylus for more refined control. Even better would be if they offered multiple stylus tips you could swap out for different applications on the iPhone/iPad.

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