Set the Mood With Philips LivingColors Lamps

About a month ago, Philips Electronics announced the second generation LivingColors lamps which should be available later this year. Each light contains 7 LEDs which are 50% brighter than the original LivingColor lamps. Because of this the lamps can produce 16 million color variations, all of which are controlled via a remote.

The primary function of the lamp is to create ambient lighting for a room by washing walls and floors with specific color schemes. So think of this as 21st century mood lighting. What would be interesting to see is if there is a way to set the lamps to cycle through a set of colors over time. In addition to color, the can also produce a perfectly white balanced light that could be used for reading, or general lighting uses in any room.

There are 4 different kinds of lamps: a standing lamp, a wall lamp and two ceiling lamps. Each kind will be available in 5 models: Black, Crystal, White Gloss, Floral and Mineral. All lamps will come with remotes and will cost from $226 to $353.

You know what would be really cool, is if Philips came out with a light/speaker solution like the Klipsch Light Speaker, and combined it with this housing. Hmmmm.