Media Multitasking and Search Engine Marketing.

While not an industry first, BVDW (Bundesverband Digiale Wirtschaft, Germany’s Digital Economy Association) recently published some fresh data on the interplay of internet searches- and traditional TV-advertising. According to the  study BVDW, running search ads in tandem with TV commercials achieved the following:

  • an increase in unaided brand awareness by 42 %
  • an improvement in brand image by 28 %
  • an improvement in the  effectiveness (regarding relevance and recommendation) by 44 %
  • an increase in contact duration by almost 50 %
  • an increase in total  click-throughs in search ads by almost 50 %.

Pretty impressive don’t you think?

The question is, is this relevant? After all, people in the study were asked to search after they watched… The key here  is parallel usage. across media channels. According to a recent European Interactive Advertising Association  study (Media Multi-Tasking 2009), 22 % of Europeans are using TV and the internet simultaneously. That is a 38 % rise over 2006.

Media multi-tasking is the missing link that alleviates the media discontinuity of traditional advertising. The end result is that a purchase may be a click away from your award-winning banner ad, but Television is still a long way away from being put on the shelf. Pairing Above The Line advertising with Search Engine Marketing helps to  shorten this gap and picks up a fifth of European TV watchers in the flow of their media usage. And according to the European Interactive Advertising Association study, media multi-taskers are twice as likely to buy online as single-purpose users.

Impressive statistics, and even more impressive when you think about the near future when almost every new Television set will have the option to be net connected, with a picture in picture option to hit the internet while watching TV. All from within the same media box.

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