AL 29.98 Shelving Systems, Inspired By Nature, Needed in My House.

I still haven’t fabricated the room divider that I wanted to use to hide the view from the street into my house, and now I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I love this shelving system, and it could be used as a nice visual break without blocking light flow from the front door.

Italian company AL 28.98 has released two new indoor shelving systems inspired by natural forms and shapes that have been reduced to pure harmonic geometry. The new lines, Fagus, and Ginko, compliment the more traditional Celtis shelving system.

The new shelving systems are practical and useful, constructed from hardwoods covered in extruded aluminum skins. The units can be mounted flush to a wall surface or run floor to ceiling in the center of a room creating not only a shelving structure but a room divider as well. I especially like the images where they have placed three or four of these units side by side across the center of the room.

The units come with additional accessories, like coat hooks and shelving organizers, all of which are made from aluminum and designed to match a specific shelving style.

The aluminum finishes for both units are white, aluminum, titanium, and black with either natural stained wood centers, or painted wood in green and red.

a catalog with dimensions and additional details is available at the AL 29.98 website.

Fagus in Aluminum

Ginko in multi colored wood and black aluminum skinning