Monday Morning Find. De La Espada’s Box Sofa.

De La Espada’s Box Sofa, designed by Istanbul based Sefer Caglar and Seyhan Ozdemir for Autoban, just made my Monday morning. I had actually seen this a few months back, but it just sort of got filed away and forgotten.

Available in both oak and walnut the Box Sofa doesn’t hide from it’s mid century modern influences with narrow tapered legs and the button tufted leather cushions. This sofa is so striking with its minimalist clean forms that it appears new and fresh, yet they would be at home in any of the case study homes from the 1950’s and 60’s.

I love the narrow legs that support the frame of the furniture. It almost creates a floating effect as the main portion of the sofa appears to hover above the floor as the legs visually fade away.

There are two versions (compact or large) which differ by aproximately 15″ in width. Box Sofa is available with a wide range of upholstery options and runs about $5700.00.