A Spectacular Combination of Technology and Design. BMW’s M Bike.

BMW is known for fine automobiles, outstanding automotive engineering, and as a luxury brand. What they are not often thought of is the designers of things like skateboards, and bicycles. Back in 2002 BMW introduced the $500.00 “Street Carver”. A radical and amazingly beautiful skateboard. Fast forward to 2010 and behold the “M Bike”. Yes it has the “M” badge on it.

Starting this June BMW will begin selling the “M Bike” in a special limited edition series at select BMW dealers and online at the BMW shop.

The “M Bike” is an amazing combination of state-of-the-art technology and BMW engineering. It features disc brakes and an elegant matt anthracite aluminum frame with the M logo. The bike weighs in at 28 pounds, has a leather fi’zi:k saddle, Shimano SLX gear system, and Manitou Match front suspension forks. All of this combines perfectly with the stunning rims, handles, and shiny red seat inlay.

No word on price but you can bet it isn’t going to come cheap. None the less it is a stunning piece of design from the folks at BMW.