MoviePeg iPhone Stand.

I am an iPhone user. I have been since the day they came out, and yes I was one of those people. You know who I am talking about, the person that waited inline at an AT&T store to get one as soon as they were available.

Now I am not the kind of guy that has bought every imaginable accessory for my phone. I have purchased better headphones, and that is about it. But now we have something so simple, so useful in its own right I am going to make an accessory purchase.

Say hello to “MoviePeg”. This is such a simple little stand. I love it and it solves the problem of holding your iPhone to watch a movie. This little piece of plastic has one function – provide a flexible stand for viewing movies, kitchen recipes, reading, or whatever it is you do with your iPhone.

I love the simple clean design, the ease of use, and the fact that this is so easy to use. No knobs, or buttons, or levers, just simply slide the MoviePeg up or down to change viewing angles.

The MoviePeg iPhone Stand sells for £4.99 on the UK website, ($7.50) According to the manufacturer they have stated they plan to ship over to the U.S. in bulk or when there is enough demand for it.