Levis Fluorescent. no, not the guys that make jeans.

Fluo Fantasy is a new color line of paint by the Dutch company Levis. This is not the same people who make jeans, they are a paint and interiors company. I know I was hoping that Levi Straus would have jumped into the interior design industry, expanding the brand into new horizons, but alas they did not.

Anyway Fluo is the 11th in color line in Levis Ambiance collection of paints. And positioning the new line squarely in the more color forward thinking European market Fluo offers 18 colors in the new collection which are even more clear, bolder and brighter than before. This color treatment is not for everyone, and I can see where this could be overdone much the way color went crazy in the early 70’s, but if you are into bold saturated interior colors, or just looking to accent a space in your house with a punch of color this is for you.

The fluorescent color pallet was forecast by Dutch paint company, AkzoNobel in a move to take advantage of European trends to bold primaries, and even fluorescents in interior spaces.

If Fluo is too much for your eyes, be sure and check out the other paint options with more subdued colors and tones.