It’s Friday, It’s Raining. So, More Design Friday.

I’m digging Argentinian designer Federico Churba’s Hanoi  Lamp. Simple and elegant with attention to detail. Yes I mean that. Just look at the cord. He could have used a standard plastic cord, instead he chose to use a cloth woven cord in a warm beige tone that subtly compliments the color of the lamp, and gives a hint of texture to the otherwise flat shapes.

The lamp itself is a series of shapes that harmoniously blend together. Created from a single piece of material, it is bent and formed into a shape that appears to be almost like someone bowing down in a greeting. The lamp makes up the traditional Vietnamese hat, the stand becoming feet, or extended arms. It is this formal simplicity that helps to define the details within the lamp itself.

The lamp comes in 2 sizes. Large and small. The large size is approximately  24 by 17 inches, the small 17 by 13.