Solus’ Halo Concrete Fire Pit.

Vancouver company Solus Decor earlier this year began testing a new outdoor fire pit. A simple 8 inch thick piece of concrete that is 36 inches square.  It is now available on their site under the name Halo.

The fire pit is hand crafted in smooth high-performance concrete and is heated using a 40,000 BTU natural gas burner. The unit is manually lit and uses a typical key valve to adjust the flow of gas to the burner itself.

Halo appears to float just above the surface that it is installed on with its base hidden well behind the edges of the box itself. The fire bowl is a shallow concave indentation that gently breaks the surface of the block, and allows the flame to pass through smooth contrasting heat-resistant fire stones.

I love the look but at $3900.00 plus shipping from Vancouver, it’s a bit beyond my budget right now, so I’ll have to wait.


  1. Regarding the Solus Halo Concrete Fire Pit, you seem to have missed this on their web site:

    FREE SHIPPING on fire pits available to Canada and the Continental U.S.A. only.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Peter. I’m not sure how I missed that since it is pretty obvious on the site.

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