Modern Planters That Match My House, and Don’t Hurt My Wallet.

Finding planters that match or compliment the architecture of my house is kind of a pain. When ever I start looking most are either the typical terra-cotta round plain style, or they are traditional ornate glazed ceramics.  So when I found the Lechuza Sub-irrigation planters I got all excited. Yeah I know you all are rolling your eyes and saying “Excited by planters?”. Here’s the deal though, I like plants. I like them in my house. I want the plants to have a house that matches mine. So yeah, I got excited by planters.

Lechuza Sub-irrigation planters, are designed with a modern aesthetic, and finished with in bright glossy paint for a ceramic like look. The planters are made from high impact plastic for durability and resistance to the elements. In addition to looking great, these planters are UV and frost resistant making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the main features of these planters is the sub-irrigation system that supply plants with water the same way they would be supplied in nature. All you need is to fill a planter’s water reservoir and your plant will become self-sufficient for up to 12 weeks. ( I like this because I tend to forget to water the plants )

Lechuza offers 10 kinds of planters available in different sizes and different colors. One more thing, if you have priced planters at places like Design Within Reach, you know that they can be very pricey. These run from about $40.00 to $100.00 depending on the size.