iVictrola. 19th Century Sound Meets the iPhone.

I’m not a huge Steam Punk guy. I like the look of some of it, but the fad has worn off and I think it’s time to put those design stylings behind us.

Then again, every once and awhile you find something like this, and the absurdity and wonderful part just washes away my “I’m tired of Steam Punk” attitude.

iVictrola combines phonograph technology of the early 20th century and the iPhone. Concepted by NYC designer Matt Richmond, he took his love for vintage Victrola’s one step further, and combined it with an iPhone dock.

To use the iVictrola- place your iPhone in the walnut base dock and turn on your favorite music from the iPod on your iPhone. The sound is carried from a hole in the base, amplified by the metal Magnavox horn to fill the room. I’m sure the fidelity is pretty much crap but the idea is awesome.