Studio 804’s Prescott Passive House, is Almost Finished.

Yesterday I stopped by the latest project from Studio 804 in Kansas City Kansas, the LEED certified Prescott house. After 5 months it is nearly complete and will be hosting an open house this Saturday, May 15th from 11:00 to 3:00.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Studio 804 here is the scoop. Studio 804 is a design/build program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. In the students last semester, the students use the critical knowledge they have gained to design and build a single home. The program focuses on efforts to reclaim blighted areas within the urban core by creating structures that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and consciously engaging the pre-existing context of the neighborhood.

This years project “The Prescott House”, is located in the Prescott neighborhood  of Kansas City Kansas at just south of 16th and Central. The Prescott house marks the sixth home in the studio 804 program, and is the first to receive LEED Platinum Certification.

The house looked amazing when we walked through it, even in its unfinished but close to done state. Amazing vaulted ceilings, burnt (shou sugi ban) Douglas Fir rain screen, paper stone counters, concrete stair treads faced with the same paper stone materials, pervious concrete drive. The house has a nice flow to it. The space is very open and light with ample glazing, and unrestricted movement through out. What I saw yesterday was still very much under construction, but I am sure it will be finished and ready to show by Saturday morning. And I can’t wait to see the finished house, staged with furniture from Retro Inferno.

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  1. Beautiful little house. Can’t wait to see it in its finished state!

    Just a little correction though. It will be the first home built to the stringent ‘Passive House’ standards and the second Platinum certified home by 804 (third Platinum structure overall, the first being the 5.4.7 Arts Center a Platinum NC). The first platinum certified home being last years’ 3716 Springfield house.

    Looking foward to Saturday’s open house.

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