Ikea Resize Banner Ads.

I admit it, I am an Ikea fan. I like most of the stuff they make, and while some of it seems a bit cheap, they have other things that are just amazing quality. (kitchen cabinets, appliances etc.)

Yesterday I found this clever banner ad for Ikea on a home interiors website. At first I didn’t think much of it, since it lacked branding and had about a 15 second intro. I am going to assume Ikea has a very strategic media plan in place, otherwise this could be overlooked on a busy webpage. The thing is though, once you are engaged with it, the banner really shines.

So what makes it so good? Without a doubt it is the overall simplicity and direct tie to Ikea’s claim.

“Smart Solutions For Any Space.”

When I first clicked on the ad I expected this ad to be a slideshow of beautifully staged interiors, color coordinated families, perfectly lit shots, nothing out of place. Instead Ikea presents a tool that is relevant to the unique spaces we actually live in. The ad lets you resize its shape and then it generates a room dimensions included.

It might have been nice if Ikea had let the banner hang a bit longer after you re-size your room space, and I could see adding a bit more interaction allowing for a deeper experience, but in many ways the ad works as is. It’s presented me with a handful of options, including price-points and a direct link to the full online catalog.

What makes this banner work is the fact that it teaches you how Ikea provides functional stylish furniture. It doesn’t sell you on the fantasy world that many furniture manufacturers present when displaying their wares.