Time For Dinner.

Almost a year ago, we set out on the quest for a dining room table that would fit in the new house. Originally I wanted to get the Noguchi Cyclone table, but after 9 months of consideration, we backed away from it. At the end of the day, the 42 inch diameter table was to small, and the opaque top seemed to visually clog the space where it would go. So we started looking for glass tables that would work, and really found nothing that was in our budget and still looked good. You would think that finding a table is an easy process, but hell no. Seriously, you measure and think it will fit. It’s to small or to big. It won’t seat six, it looks to clunky, it’s overpriced and cheaply made…  The list goes on and on.

Well finally we found something that will work, and it came from of all places Crate & Barrel. ( Now, Crate & Barrel fans don’t get all uppity on me. I love loads of things that Crate & Barrel makes. I think they are a great example of how to bring modern design to the main stream market. So cool down if you are getting upset ). We ended up getting the 70 inch Strut Work Table, and it is a perfect fit. The width and length works well in the space. The glass top allows it to visually disappear, but this might change when the chairs go in under it. The good thing is, we now have room for  6 guests for dinner. The bad news is now I have to buy a bunch of chairs.