Another Great Stop Motion Video for Olympus PEN Cameras.

I own a Olympus EP 1 micro 4/3 camera. I got it about  year  ago to take on my trip to South Africa. I was looking for something that had less bulk than the DSLR, yet offered interchangeable lenses and an option to shoot some true HD video. While the EP 1 hasn’t been perfect, it has been a solid shooter that has given me some great results from my trips to South Africa, and France in the last year.

About 5 months ago Olympus released the EP 2 the successor to my camera, and early this year they released a lower price point entry-level PEN as well. To promote the new cameras, DSG Dialog Solutions GmbH launched its new “Pen Giant” campaign for Olympus, which was produced with a Olympus PEN camera. Like last year’s stop-motion execution, DSG Dialog Solutions GmbH made the entire commercial  without any computer animation. Last years film was Inspired by the likes of “A Wolf Loves Pork” creator Taijin Takeuchi. This latest advertisement is composed of 355 photographs that were printed in billboard size and shot again over time to create the final effect.

To see the Olympus 355 Billboards commercial, click on the image below.