Roeland Otten’s Chairs Spell It Out For You.

One of the things I love about really great design is when you create something that seems so deceptively simple, and yet it is really a reflection of the complex thinking that is going on in the background.

What I mean by that is this. Rotterdam based designer Roeland Otten took a simple set of alphabet forms and created chairs from them. When you look at the stark, simple black shapes, you see these wonderful chairs. At first glance they are simple forms, and in some cases the letter forms lend themselves naturally to chairs. In reality though, there was quite a bit of thinking that went into this.

How  do I get the chair to balance?, will it support weight?, what is the best perspective for the letter form to visually emerge?, which color and material works best with the concept?, etc.

You get my point. Visually simple, deceptively complex, a great visual play on something we all interact with on a daily basis.

The chairs are still concepts but Otten is still looking for a manufacturer and hopes to get these into distribution soon. In the mean time, if you can’t wait limited editions of prototypes can be produced upon request.