Mucca Has a Nice Package.

Ah yes Tuesday morning after a long holiday weekend. A weekend filled with food and booze, sun and fun. I thought about posting this morning on the topic of food, but instead decided to focus on the liquor, but not in the way you are hoping for. I am a sucker for good packaging design. Especially when it comes to things like liquor. A label, bottle or  box will hook me every time. And chances are I’ll buy something because the packaging looks good, even if it is not my drink of choice. Same thing goes if I can see the bar at a place where I am indulging in a tasty adult libation. I will try a new drink, based on the bottle behind the bar. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not. The point is that the packaging sold me, and this is where todays post focuses.

Domaine De Canton, is a delicious ginger flavored liquor produced in France. It’s light and has an upfront floral quality that highlights the ginger without becoming to over powering. The flavor is sweet, yet smoky. There are number of cocktails you can make with it, but the variation on the Moscow Mule, is one of my favorites. Anyway, I tried this because of the packaging. Hands down. I am not the kind of guy that goes for sweet drinks. I like bourbon on the rocks, or a martini, so for me to go for a ginger liquor there had to be something to draw me in. In this case it was the bottle, the label, the box, and the hard bound book of drink recipes.

The bottle is ribbed frosted glass that looks like a piece of bamboo. Each rib is accented with a dark gloss brown line that plays off of the label design. A dark brown oval inset with gold circles, a line drawing of the ginger plant, and warm type treatments spelling out the name. All of this is housed in a large chocolate-brown and black box, where the bottle is presented front and center between two rocks glasses. The whole thing just says pick me up and drink me. The labels on the box itself are detailed, reflective of a time when liquor was at times exotic, and mysterious. The package plays off the reality that this was made by hand in far off location. Made with unique ingredients. To complete the package, ( yes I know ), Domaine De Canton comes with a hard bound book of cocktail recipes featuring the liquor. The book is dark brown with a gloss varnish applied to the cover that features an oriental pattern of bamboo, and the label from the bottle. It’s a nice touch to finish out the entire visual that sells this product.

Designed by New York based Mucca, the Domaine De Canton packaging has been a huge success winning a number of awards and recognition from the design industry.