Three Great Print Ads for Renault.

Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend Kanon to the grand re-opening of the local Audi dealership. One of the perks of going was the chance to see first hand the new Audi R8 Spyder V10 Cabrio, which is one outstanding piece rolling stock. The movie Iron Man doesn’t do it justice, and to be quite honest the copper color of the one last night blows away the white on in the movie.

OK back to what I was getting to here. My original idea for a design friday post was to compare two new Porsche models. The Spyder version of the Boxster and the Panamera. Sort of a what they did right vs what went horribly wrong kind of post. Then I saw the Audi and I was going to compare the amazing design of the Spyder to the R8 Spyder. Unfortunately I couldn’t back to the Audi dealer for photos before the car left for another dealership appearance. (with a base cost of $175,000 dollars this car does not stay at a single dealership for long. It is a show piece.)

Since I have cars on my mind and I was recently in France I decided to do a post on the new Renault print campaign produced by Publicis out of Frankfurt, Germany. The ads are really well done, combining photography with some mad Photoshop retouching skills. The editorial is simple and to the point on all of the ads. “Get There Faster.” which punctuates the visuals created by the cities represented as sand inside each hour-glass. I recently read that there are animated versions of these pieces but I have yet to find them. If I do, I’ll post a link.

Anyway, hats off to a really nice print campaign for Renault.

Creative Director: Konstantinos Manikas, Art Director: Christian Kuzman, Copywriter: Daniel Steller, Digital Artist: Stefan Sperner.