Barbecues From Outer Space.

I have yet to pull the trigger on a barbecue for the new house. I considered the Eva Solo gas grill but ultimately never went for it. It looks great but I think functionally it might be a bit limited. Over the weekend I found these lovely designs from Italian manufacturer Metalco. More traditional in shape, yet very modern in their own right. Visually they kind of remind me of alien space ships from a 1950’s scifi pulp novel. I really like the three tapered legs and flying saucer-esque body.

Both units bring modern convenience in a bold cast style unit. The Apis is the stove like barbecue with pot belly, and a long smoke stack. It’s charming silhouette is accented by the slender legs and the long chimney extending upward from the top of the lid. Designed by Raffaele Lazzari, the units are made of painted steel, and feature a stainless steel grill, plus slide out trays for sauces, spices, and barbecue accessories. Both grills come with a set of designed tools to match, so these units are ready to go as soon as you get them home and set up.

The grills look really nice. Well laid out, deep pans for the coals, adjustable racks. Each features a rail to hang your cooking gear off of, and the smaller grill has a hook for the lid to rest on when not covering the grill. Raffaele Lazzari thought about the attention to detail in the design of each unit. From the images on the website they look solid and well constructed.

Information is available at Metalco’s website.