A Couple of Wishes for iOS and iPhone 4.0

Yesterday I watched Apple’s iPhone 4.0 keynote given by Steve Jobs at the World Wide Developers Conference. I have to say, while the iPhone isn’t a perfect device, the upgrades presented yesterday improve the functionality 10 fold. And yes, I will probably buy one when it comes out and sign 2 more years of my life away to the shackles of AT&T.

There were a couple of things I was really hoping they would announce, and there is still a possibility that one of them might surface between now and the iOS drop in the next month. I was hoping they would announce a partnership with Verizon, and I was hoping that they might show off something like streaming audio from iTunes to a set of wireless speakers. I pretty much knew the Verizon thing was not going to happen, the iTunes thing though…

Here is the deal, I want to be able to stream music from my phone. It’s not always convenient for me to sync my phone to a computer connected to my wireless networked speakers, and use that device to spread the musical love through out my house. Sometimes, I buy music on my phone, and then want to play it back on a set of speakers in my home right from the phone, and I would think with the introduction of the iPad, this is going to become a more common request. I know that I can buy a third-party app like Airfoil to handle this, but it seems to meĀ  that this is something Apple should have added to the overall user experience of the iPhone when it came out.

One last thing I was kind of surprised about, and could possibly be in the works, was the lack of native video out on the new phone. I’m not asking for a HDMI port on the phone, but it would have been interesting to see a iPhone dock connector to HDMI cable. Now that iMovie is available for the iPhone, and iPad it just seems like a no brainer. Think about all that video content that people are going to be creating, and wanting to show off on the big screen TV. It’s just to hard to cram around a phone or any small screen and see something like a video of your trip to Europe. Since the phone shoots 720p HD video, I would have expected Apple to have a solution for the TV, whether it is hardware based or software based.

So those are a couple of my wishes for iOS and the new phone. Hopefully they will come in the near future, or they already exist and there just wasn’t time to talk about them in the keynote yesterday.