The New Dining Chairs Have Arrived.

After just 3 weeks of waiting for the Herman Miller sale to start, and the chairs to be shipped, our Eames Molded Chairs with Eiffel Tower bases arrived this afternoon. I wish I had ordered two more. These look stunning at the dining room table, but I have to say I wish I had two more. Unfortunately for now, they are going to have to wait. Ultimately this post is a product review, or I should say a first impressions review since I haven’t the chairs long enough to give a detailed product review. So here it is, first impressions of the new chairs.

They look stunning. The chrome base of complex interlocking geometry supporting the high density plastic seat. The intensity in the color of the red chairs is just outstanding. The photos did not do it justice. The color is a deep red-orange that is just so saturated. The seats are comfortable with good back support, and the light texture in the plastic helps keep you from sliding. One noticeable improvement over the original fiberglass chairs from the late 40’s through the 1960’s is the weight.  The new chairs feel so light, and in fact weigh in at just around 5 pounds thanks to the Injection-molded batch-dyed polypropylene; and chrome-plated steel base. I have to say I am really happy with the way they look with the table, and rest of the home. These chairs are a perfect match in color and style for our place. The only question now is, do I get green or sparrow gray for the next two.