Luna Globe by Design Ocilunam.

From your earliest childhood memories to the present, you are very aware of the earths orbiting satellite the moon. It is always present in the night sky, and the subject of so many stories, tales, and conversations. I remember as a child always trying to find the “Man in the Moon”, sometimes making it out and sometimes not. And there was that one pinnacle moment in my childhood that will forever be burned into my memory. The televised sight of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I’ll never forget where I was that July evening in 1969, and how it impacted me. It’s hard to believe that it was over 40 years ago this month. Anyway enough chit-chat about the moon and Neil Armstrong, this is a post about the Luna globe pendant light by Design Ocilunam.

Appropriately named the Luna globe pendant brings a piece of the night sky into your home, illuminating your rooms with a warm ethereal glow. The lights are finished with an authentic-looking surface, and accented by clear bases that really create a sense of floating and space. The pendants are available in three sizes, measuring 14 inches, 19 inches, 27 inches, and 31 inches. Made from nebulite and polycarbonate, the translucent white globes are strong and durable. I really love the look of these, and I wish I had tall enough ceilings to install them in my home. I could see a cluster of them being used in a room to create a warm ambient light.