Reclaim, Re-Use, Recycle, Brooklyn Based Uhuru Furniture.

Brooklyn furniture designers and manufacturers Uhuru, specialize in creating furniture from reclaimed materials. Everything is built by hand in the Brooklyn studio, and one of the key design ideals is to make the end-user, aware of the materials and craft that go into each piece. Uhuru is dedicated to creating sustainable timeless designs. Their principals adhere  to the shaker assertion that beauty rests on utility.

Founded in 2004 by Rhode Island School of Design graduates Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf, Uhuru is a company that merges avant-garde design with a commitment to environmental sustainability. Uhuru has joined a vanguard of influential furniture companies from Milan to Tokyo focused on pushing the boundaries of contemporary sustainable design. Uhuru has collaborated with recognized designers and architects worldwide, as well as artists such as Maya Lin for the Cooper Hewitt Museum, and Dan Colen at the Gagosian Gallery.

I’m just digging the work that they have up on their site, and now I want to stop by the studio when I am in New York.

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