Truncheon Lamps, Light Your Way, Don’t Beat You Down.

New York based design studio “Cmmmnwlth“, designers Zoe and David are a duo of designers that fit squarely between brilliant product designers and artist. They are part of that new crop of emerging designers that can’t be easily pigeonholed into a convenient, easily defined role. The two, have a unique, succinct language that helps to set them apart, and this shows so well with the “Truncheons” collection of lamps being released through MatterMade.  The series includes a pendent lamp, a free-standing one to be leaned against a wall and a desk lamp that rotates freely in its gypsum and marble base.

Each lamp holds an LED bulb which is warm in color, yet cool to the touch. When viewed indirectly from the lamp’s interior hardwood surfaces, the light is rich in quality while maintaining the efficient characteristics that has driven the development of LED light.

The wooden components of the lamps are CNC lathe turned and the surface maintains a delicate metered scallop which creates a soft interplay with the walnut or maple wood grain. The Truncheon desk lamp is perched on a poured, weighted base of gypsum and marble. This base, free of electrical components allows the arm of the lamp to make a soft rotation. Avoiding unnecessary knobs or switches, the Truncheons adhere to their namesake- precise, compact sticks fashioned out of traditional materials.