Everyone Should Get Stoned.

I got the bid back for building the concrete pad for the backyard patio earlier this week, and it looks like we are going to go for a late September build date.  A 9 by 17 foot concrete pad that will get covered with some type of stone next spring. It’s all part of the grand landscaping plans for the house. Anyway, since we are actually going to have a larger more functional outdoor seating area, we are probably going to need some lighting solutions as well.

I was trolling the internet looking for something visually cool, and I came across these lights from Y-Lighting. Design by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli with Massimo Noceto, Y-Lighting is now carrying “Stones Outdoor Lights” produced by Italian manufacturer Oluce.

Stones are outdoor lights that take on the familiar shape of large stones, just as the name implies. They are made of durable, weather-tested polyethylene. Stones can be used individually but based on the photo on the site, they look best in clusters. Each stone, uses a standard compact fluorescent bulb, to help with energy efficiency, and since compact fluorescent bulbs are now available with warmer light values, these could take on a yellowish cast depending on the bulb. There are 2 sizes available, roughly 10 by 14 and 16 by 24 inches respectively. The larger Stone costs $20.00 more.

The downside of Stones Outdoor Lights is that they aren’t cheap. At $407.00 most people probably aren’t going to be purchasing large volumes of these. The good news is Y-lighting offers free shipping, and there is no tax. I guess I need to start saving now, if I want to have these for next springs patio opening.